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Drew Beaupre

Bridging the Product-Data gap

  • Data strategy: analytics, reporting, analysis. Fuel for your rocket ship.

  • Unparallelled SQL knowledge. Expert in all things data.

  • Years of architecture experience, including serverless / cloud.

  • Can read and understand any programming language.

  • Several patents related to data, analytics, and product

Are you are collecting the right data? What marketing channels are working for you? Who are your most valuable users and how are they finding you? Where is your sales funnel leaking and where are users dropping off? How effective are your latest feature roll-outs?

I love to talk data. I love to solve problems. Contact me by Email or LinkedIn to set up a time to talk.


Different companies need different metrics based on their phase of growth. You have specific needs which require a custom solution.

Product Insights

Feature usage
User segmentation
User behavior
UX problems

Channel Effectiveness

Conversion and churn
Cohort analysis
Customer acquisition cost
Lifetime value

Custom Reporting

Derive insights from existing data
Business Intelligence
Custom SQL

Technical Advisor

Technical advice
System design
Code review


  • ...demonstrated the depth and breadth of his work by being involved in BI/Data, iOS development, as well as systems architecture. Drew's insights have helped me constantly question how we do things as an engineering team, and have been the impetus of many improvements to team processes. more Sophy Lee
    CTO at Hop Skip Drive
  • Drew is the figurative and nearly literal, monkey wrench. He helped develop everything from our marketing attribution framework to a complex live operations monitoring system to our iOS application architecture and much, much more. I'd call myself lucky to work alongside Drew in the future and anyone who's looking for a wickedly bright, solutions architect, should drop him a line immediately. more David Werner
    Chief Product Officer
  • of the most skilled platform architects and mobile developers I've ever had the pleasure of managing. Drew's capacity to learn and master new technologies is unbounded as is his willingness to independently tackle extremely complex problems, all while churning out products with clear and immediately evident business value... more Mike Andler
    Founder | CEO at Glass 10 Innovations, LLC
  • ...he is the most experienced database developer I have worked with to date. He is also one of those rare people who can be fully trusted to get on with the job and do it extremely well. A highly-intelligent, highly-motivated individual. I cannot recommend him more highly. more Pierre Dane
    Head of Technology at Jembi Health Systems NPC
  • Drew is one of those engineers you can always rely upon to not only get their share of the work done but to tackle areas that people don't think about. Numerous times while we worked together he focused on areas that no one had considered previously. more Phil Hansen
    Full Stack Engineer at Actimo
  • ...his ability to seamlessly leverage and quickly master new technologies to build scalable business solutions made working with him a privilege. His passion for his craft is infectious and success seems to follow every project he's involved with. more Brad Kaneyama
    Principal Software Engineer at Symantec

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