Technical Advisor

Are you building the right things?

You know your product best, but it can be challenging to get things done right. I provide the sort of service which will guide you through these technical waters, and hand you real insight. I guide you through the questions you need to be asking yourself. I help with the technical implementation — service integration, code reviews, quality assurance. I educate you on how to create effective reports. I want to start you off right, so that you can control your destiny.

Your own personal systems architect.

It can be challenging coordinating changes between your teams and the technical teams. I have worked on both sides of the table, and understand the goals and challenges each team faces. I will be your advocate, explaining the risks, hurdles, and level of effort in a clear fashion. You'll be armed with knowledge and feel confident that expectations are being met.

Make 3rd party services work for you

Every startup will rely on the amazing range of services available to founders so that they can focus on what's important: their product. Make better decisions by ensuring your services are integrated correctly. Improve your decision making by having all of your data in once place. See how all of your ad spend relates to your conversion metrics. Which mail campaign results in more revenue? Most of the services you use on a daily basis can offer this level of detail - Make it work for you!

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Drew Beaupre

Bridging the Product-Data gap