Channel Effectiveness

Conversion Over Time

As you make improvements to your product, make sure you are measuring over time so you have a baseline to compare changes to past behavior. Know where marketing campaigns and promotions had the greatest effect, or none at all.

Cohort Analysis

Measure user retention, churn, and stickiness based on a user cohort: first-time visit, signup date, first conversion. This provides you with a powerful metric to focus on early on. This can drive real action such as re-engagement campaigns, or user out-reach. Mastering this metric will drive success.

Lifetime Value

Group your user's average lifetime value by a cohort, or other significant datapoint. Find out who your most valuable users are, and where they came from. Increase your marketing spend on those valuable users, or increase re-engagement efforts on other segments to improve their lifetime value.

Copy & AB Testing

Do your product funnels differ by region or language? Do you have a problem with your copy? It could be as simple as running an A/B test. Test which wording or flow works better.

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